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Disposables have come a long way in the last year with vast improvements in coils, battery life, and form factors. If you combine this with some fantastic flavors that are on offer, it’s easy to see the appeal.

They can now deliver a vape experience similar to that of other vape products on the market but in a much more convenient way. They are the perfect gateway for users to get into vaping without having to worry about coil replacements, batteries, nicotine levels, and PG/VG ratios.

Ultimately they are simple to use, pocket-friendly and deliver a great vape experience.

Who are Disposable Vapes for?

Disposable vapes can be used by any type of vaper. Most disposables are targeted at new vapers or those looking to make the transition from smoking. This is because they are the closest type of vaping device to a traditional cigarette. They are easy to use, require no technical knowledge of vaping and deliver a satisfying throat hit and smooth draw.

However, that disposable vapes deliver such a good vape experience. You will also find more experienced vapers using them as a backup device, or one to take out when they don’t want to lose or damage their more expensive vaping device.

If you are looking for something a little more customizable that can deliver a more powerful vape, then a disposable e-cig is not for you. A vape mod or advanced pod system will deliver more power, potentially more flavor, and have a more customizable draw.


Disposable vapes are only suitable for smokers or those that already vape. If you have not vaped before, be warned nicotine is an addictive chemical so use at your own risk.

How to Use A Disposable Vape Pen

Using a disposable e-cigarette is as simple as it gets with vaping. All you need to do is remove the device from the packaging, and remove any silicone plugs in the mouthpiece (they prevent leaking in transportation. Then to start vaping, simply inhale on the mouthpiece and enjoy.

You never need to worry about refilling a disposable as they are pre-filled with e-liquid. Typically you don’t even have to worry about recharging a disposable e-cig either. It’s as simple as using it until it stops working and then dispose of it in an electronics waste bin. All disposable e-cigs contain lithium-ion batteries so you must dispose of them properly.

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