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How to go Smoke Free this Summer with Vaping

Enjoy summertime to the fullest with our guide to how to swap the harms of smoking for the freedom of vaping.

Good things come to those who wait, and we can probably all agree that the only thing nearly as encouraging as the final days of the pandemic and its interminable lockdowns is the imminent arrival of summer. In fact the two feel so closely intertwined that the summer of 2021 looks set to bring with it an unprecedented tidal wave of celebration all around the country, as we collectively emerge from our bunkers to greet the summer months with a new-found optimism and a sense of liberation from the stifled existence of the previous year.

Sadly though, for many people some shackles are harder to break, namely cigarettes and the deadly habit that continues to take a heavy toll on the health, wallets and lives of nearly 7 million smokers in the UK. Smoking accounted for over 74,000 attributable deaths NHS figures in 2020 alone.

The good news is that for anyone looking to truly shine this summer instead of obscuring the sun’s rays behind a shroud of foul-smelling, expensive and debilitating cigarette smoke, the path to freedom can be found in a simple, powerful and highly effective tool: the E-cigarette.

Vaping, the activity associated with e-cigarettes, is a safe, highly-regulated and incredibly effective method of smoking cessation that has helped millions of ex-smokers replace the harms of traditional tobacco for a fun and endlessly rewarding alternative. Health bodies such as the British Medical Association and Cancer Research UK all agree that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking with Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians stating that e-cigarettes are at least  less harmful than cigarettes.

One of the main reasons why vaping is such an effective substitute for smoking is that taking a puff on an e-cigarette closely resembles the sensation of drawing on a traditional cigarette, right down to the satisfying throat hit that smokers are accustomed to. Unlike the stinky sticks of old, however, e-cigarettes use e-liquid, a formulation of food-grade chemicals that are flavoured in infinite ways to provide limitless choices for vapers to vape their way.

The truth is that any time of year is the perfect time to quit smoking. But the warmer months bring with them situations that many smokers are finding more and more challenging, as well as opportunities to feel the full force of the benefits you’ll receive when you quit smoking.

Since the 2005 indoor smoking ban, UK smokers have had to get used to being confined to outdoor areas at pubs and restaurants, and designated smoking zones at workplaces, hospitals and educational establishments. These days, our culture has swung so far away from smoking that it’s almost impossible for smokers to feel welcome – or even tolerated – when they wish to light up.

While still restricted in many establishments and some public spaces, Vaping nonetheless opens up the world for former smokers to enjoy again, without the smell and stigma following you around, especially in the summer when social situations flourish.

Here are some reasons why Summer can be the perfect season to quit smoking:

Change Up your Routine

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to change things up with regards to our patterns and behaviour developed over the colder months. We have more freedom to visit places, attend events and to go on holiday. Many adopt that spirit of liberation to make positive changes in their life, like exercising more, taking up new hobbies, enjoying the outdoors and quitting smoking, that become easier in the summer months.

It is Easier to Exercise

Let’s face it, most of us prefer to pour our efforts into exercise and fitness when the weather outside is most forgiving. In spite of the summer heat, we’re more likely to enjoy our park runs and boot camps when we see leaves on the trees and feel closer to nature. Quitting smoking significantly impacts exercise for the better, with more lung capacity and better blood flow, enabling you to get far more out of your runs and workouts. Physical health is also one of the most powerful motivators to put the harms of smoking behind you and sprint ahead into a healthier lifestyle.

Look and Feel your Best

Among the many harms smoking causes to your health, the effect it has on your appearance cannot be understated. It’s well known that smoking can cause premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, damage hair and cause yellow teeth, to say nothing of the unpleasant smell that follows smokers everywhere.

When summer arrives, our social calendars tend to overflow with weddings, functions, pub socials and club activities, to say nothing of the al fresco pleasures of BBQs with friends and family. Quitting the harms of smoking lets you look as good as you feel, helping you to navigate social occasions with confidence, and without the anxiety that comes with being a smoker.

Eat Better

When winter segues into spring and summer, our diets tend to adapt as a response. Out go the carb-heavy comfort foods that sustained us through the dark, cold months, and in come fresh, bright salads, healthy fats and whole foods; the better to nourish us as we do what we can to shed our winter pounds.

The abundance of fresh, wholesome food during the summer months can go a long way towards not only feeling healthier, but helping you avoid the sugary snacks and processed foods that many smokers reach for when they first quit smoking.

How to Start Vaping for Summer

If you truly want to get the most out of summer, and many more summers to come, vaping provides one of the most effective ways to make ditching cigarettes as painless and as enjoyable as possible.

But the jaw-dropping variety of e-cigarette kits, e-liquids and brands available can make the switch somewhat overwhelming for new vapers. Fortunately, starting vaping doesn’t have to be difficult, so long as you remember these tips:

Choose a good quality, simple E-cigarette

You don’t have to start vaping with anything as advanced as a box mod or similar sub-ohm</a> device. In fact, some of the best e-cigarettes for new vapers require no more operation than taking a puff as you would a traditional cigarette.

These Puff Bars  are a great entry into vaping as they’re typically disposable, all-in-one devices that require no assembly, no settings to adjust and no charging. They come pre-filled with a variety of delicious-tasting e-liquids, at a nicotine strength that suits the concentration most smokers are used to from traditional tobacco, helping to reduce craving to a minimum. They’re also small and compact enough they can travel anywhere and can suit most social situations.

If you’re after a more solid piece of kit, we recommend simple to use pod kitsor pen-style starter kits, which both offer straightforward operation and excellent performance at great value.

You’ll find all the best vape kits from the biggest, most dependable vaping brands right here at Vapestore. And if you need help deciding what device is best for you, you need only get in touch with our friendly, expert Customer Service Team

Experiment with Flavour

One of the most liberating aspects of vaping is the opportunity to break away from the taste of tobacco and experiment with nearly limitless e-liquid flavours. Although tobacco e-liquids remain incredibly popular for newer vapers, with Vapestore you can explore countless iterations of refreshing Menthol flavours, mouth-watering Fruits and even comforting Bakery flavours or nostalgic Confectionary vapes.

There are literally thousands of incredible e-juices waiting to be discovered at Vapestore. You’ll find high-PG e-liquids perfect for starter kits, or nicotine salt based e-liquids whose stronger nicotine concentration and smooth throat hit provides an excellent experience for newer vapers, as well as high-VG e-liquids for more powerful devices

You don’t need to completely switch straight away

Remember that it’s okay to let vaping take the place of smoking gradually, rather than adopting it completely into your routine from day one. In fact, its often better to experiment with vaping incrementally, folding it into your routine and letting it replace cigarettes in situations when you’d normally smoke in a natural way. This takes the pressure off and can allow you to enjoy the far more rewarding and safer experience that vaping offers until it smoothly replaces your old cigarettes.

Have Fun!

Summertime is all about letting our hair down, enjoying life with friends and family, immersing ourselves in hobbies and making vivid new memories. With the right vape kit and delicious e-liquid to hand, vaping opens up a world of experimentation and flavours that can mirror the spirit of summer with all its sense of adventure and limitless possibilities. Above all, vaping means freedom from the harms of smoking and a healthier lifestyle for summer and all-year round. Discover the freedom Vaping can bring to you right here.

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