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Travelling with Your E-Cigarette

If you’re planning on leaving old Blighty behind in a cloud of super-sweet vapour as you jet off to foreign lands, it’s important to exercise the utmost care and diligence to ensure the safety and performance of your e-cigarette setup while you’re away. This quick and convenient guide will tell you all you need to know about travelling with your device so you’re always safe and operating within the laws of your particular destination.  

When travelling via plane with your e-cigarette, you should begin observing the rules and regulations well before boarding. The use of vape devices is banned at all UK airports and in most cases is treated in much the same way as smoking, only being permitted in designated areas outside the terminal. Be sure to check the specific rules of the airport you’re travelling from and arriving in to avoid causing any disruption – and embarrassment! 


Next, you need to make sure that your e-cigarette is packed safely for the journey. Although some airlines allow you to travel with your device on your person during your flight, others don’t, and you will definitely not be permitted to use your e-cig whilst on board an aircraft. We recommend that in order to save time and avoid causing a delay at check-in, you pack your e-cig securely in your carry-on hand luggage and make sure it’s powered off to avoid the risk of accidental activation whilst in your bag. Because of the risk of fire, it is illegal to keep your e-cigarette and spare batteries in your checked luggage which is held in the cargo area of the plane. You can, however, keep your backup e-juices in your checked-in suitcase.

Packing your kit

For your own safety and the safety of your fellow passengers, you should ensure that you use a protective case to separately store your e-cigarette and batteries for the duration of the flight. You can find plastic battery cases at Vapestore to keep your batteries from coming into contact with each other during travel. It is strongly advised that you dismantle your e-cigarette before storing it away for travel, turning the battery off and unscrewing it from the tank or clearomizer. If your device uses removeable batteries, you should take the batteries out of the device and keep them stored in one of the secure cases listed on our website.


Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you need to be sure that you can use your e-cigarette freely in the particular country. Although e-cigs are ever-growing in popularity across Europe, many countries impose restrictions and some have even banned the use of vape equipment entirely, imposing hefty fines or prison sentences to anyone found flouting the law.  

You can use Global Tobacco Control’s handy policy scanner to look up the specific restrictions for your destination by visiting  

We’d hate to think of any vaper having their e-cigarette confiscated and being forced to resort back to tobacco cigarettes to calm their cravings whilst out of the country. That’s why we always advocate you do your research, pack carefully and most importantly, vape safely and satisfyingly whilst on your travels.  

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